Copy, Paste, Profit Arbitrage!

(How to make $200 or more every single day with 0 human contact!)

Special message from Larry Oxenham

Tuesday, 9:17 a.m.

Now this is a pretty lofty title, isn’t it? Most of you know what copying and pasting is (and, if you don’t, I’ll send you a free simple instruction guide) but Arbitrage, well, that’s something different altogether.

Arbitrage is simply making money by paying less for something than you know you can sell it for.

And it’s even better because you will learn how to ‘buy’ your products without paying for them … until after they sell and you have the money!

Every day of the week someone tells me “I want a cheap program I can make a lot of money with and I don’t want to have to talk to people.”

Tall order? Well, it was, until now. Introducing the ideal program for –


But this is also a great program for people who like people, and making money, and even for those who like helping people make money.

This is a program you can join for $19.95 monthly, get the best training and literally within days, make real money.

And then, as you make more money you can learn how to make even more money!

I could give you a detailed explanation here but the video is so good I can’t top it.

So let me just say this:

  1. The man who is helping us earned over $1 MILLION yearly for more than 10 years before developing this training.
  2. These are the best training videos I have ever seen because they are real examples. He also does live training during the week, so you always have a chance to get questions asked.
  3. He takes the guesswork out of choosing the right, most profitable way to do business. Your initial goal—you might easily do this the first month—is to earn $1000 a month. Then you will be ready for the advanced training that can lead to six figures monthly.
  4. There is an affiliate program but you do not have to join it, do not have to recruit, and do not have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to.
  5. Successful people in watch the videos and immediately apply the strategy. This is not theory, not school, these are designed to work for you now!

This company, DS Domination, has an 83% success rate. What this means is that 17% of those who enrolled were so determined to fail they did not accept the training, did nothing, and dropped out!


Why, because this is not hard.

I could quote you a ton of statistics proving how big this market is— every 5 seconds a phone is sold on eBay, every 49 seconds a Ford Mustang is sold on eBay, there are 250 million queries a day—but this is not limited to eBay ….

This program is perfect for those who have failed before, or are just starting and are uncertain, and for those looking for a program they can begin at their own pace and grow to, literally, $1 million annually, if they wish.

It is also great for those who don’t want to bug family and friends (although this will attract them!), or who just want a quiet, low stress way to build an income that will allow them to say goodbye to the boss.


This video you will go to at the end of this is direct, very interesting and entertaining so make sure you have an hour of uninterrupted time, a pen and paper handy to take notes, and your favorite adult beverage (Okay, okay, maybe you should skip this!)

You’ll be provided with undeniable proof the system works. (If you don’t want to recruit ignore the second half of the video.)

You can literally, starting tomorrow, create an income on demand… even if you’ve never made money online before.

Anyone, regardless of previous experience, can become comfortable with the entire process quickly.

SUGGESTION: Join at $19.95 monthly level. Do not consider upgrading until you are making $200 or more each month … it won’t take long.


  1. All my anti-social hermits. You can ‘lock’ yourself in your room and make a ton of money.
  2. Anyway interested in finding a very inexpensive way to build a great income.
  3. Those with a customer list who will take advantage of the affiliate opportunity.
  4. Those who already market another program and can add this.
  5. Those who recognize it is virtually impossible to spend $20 monthly with any other program and make money without recruiting.
  6. Retired people who can take the time to learn the process and have fun along the way.
  7. Those who are ‘computer challenged’ and need step by step instructions they can see. (And if you don’t know how to copy and paste send me an email and I’ll send you my simple one page instruction guide; it’s super easy.)
  8. Anyone with family members who could use a little money. This is a great way to train your teenagers to earn their own way. And it sure beats them hitting you up for spending money every day or so.
  9. Those who want to help someone you know to a better life.
  10. Anyone who wants to quit your job in one year or less.

This is pretty much everyone isn’t it?

Now it’s time to see what I’m talking about:

After watching the video, click get started, enroll, you will immediately receive your login information. The site is really easy and clear and you can begin the training videos immediately; they are short and specific.

I have a pretty good feeling we will talk soon after you enroll because you will want me to know you are finally succeeding ….
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