If you can't see it, you won't get it!

Two years ago a student, Marie, sent an email telling me she was having a hard time looking ahead. “You always tell us to put the blinders on, be patient and look ahead, but all I can think of are the bills that are due and how bad I need to make more money. I want all that Lazy lifestyle you talk about but I don't know what we are going to do.

The truth is most people find it impossible to reach their goals because they can't visualize them! In fairness, very few people in the world are born with the ability to visualize what they can be. You sometimes hear about a famous statesman or founder of a major corporation or a champion athlete who maintain, I always knew this is what I was going to be.

But, for every person who knew his or her destiny there are millions and millions of us who just cant quite see it. Most people struggle through life, accept less than they can be, and never truly live their lives.

We can spend hours and hours studying why but what's the point? You can wonder why the rich and famous do what they do but, if you find the answer, so what? Leave that to the academics; you and I live in the real world. We cant spend theory, we don't live in a book, and we cant get satisfaction from the exploits of others. But...,

There is a very simple way to immediately
get yourself on the path to success:
Make it real!

There you go, see how easy it was! Let me give you an example. When I began flying lessons way back in the 1970s I never expected to own an airplane. I thought airplane ownership was for other people, rich people, anyone but me.

One day I attended a seminar I cant recall exactly how long ago, where it was, or even who was speaking in which the speaker said you have to see what you want if you intend to get it. He meant it literally.

“I don't care if it is a house, an island vacation, a boat, a watch or whatever, until you see it you wont get it.” Here is what he suggested: “Get a magazine, find a picture of what you want, cut the picture out, and put it somewhere where you will see it everyday: On the bathroom mirror, in the front of your day planner, somewhere obvious. And every time you look at it tell yourself you will have it.

If you want a BMW cut out a photo of a BMV,the exact model and color you want. If you want a house on a lake find a photo of a great house on a lake, or take one yourself! If you want air airplane, get a picture of the one your want.

I wanted a Grumman Tiger, a four place airplane noted for sporty handling. It never occurred to me I could or should have one. But looking at it made sense, and the more I looked at it the more real it became. Two years later, in early 1996, the model I wanted only 220 were built overall came on the market. I talked to the owner, he agreed to sell it, and a major dream was realized.

Just a few days ago one of my LazyWealth™ students decided to take advantage of our NEW CASH OPPORTUNITY. He troubled with the decision for weeks, partly because he wasn't sure he could spend the money, but mostly because he didn't know what it took to succeed. But, of all the students I have ever had, he wanted more for himself and his family than anyone. He was so passionate I thought he might have a nervous breakdown before he could get started.

Finally, I changed the subject and asked what he would buy if he did succeed. He started by saying, a new car, a vacation, a I interrupted him and said, What kind of car, where will you go on vacation?

And then he got it! “I want a brand new Lexus GS430 and I want to fly my family, first class, to Hawaii”. He went on and on. I interrupted again and told him to write each wish down in very specific words. For example, “I want to fly United Airlines direct to Maui in first class with my family and I want to stay at” .

I told him to find an automobile magazine, find his dream car and cut the picture out. Then I told him to find a travel magazine, find his dream vacation, and cut it out. He took it from there, “Oh, yeah, I guess if I can see them it will make them more real, won't it.

I said, “Put those pictures on your bathroom mirror so both you and your wife can see them. Tell yourself you will have them. And tell your wife to ask you when”.

I got a phone call two days ago from a very happy man lying on the beach in Hawaii. “We drove our new Lexus to the airport, climbed into our first class seats for the direct flight to Maui, and now I'm sitting here with one of those tropical drinks with an umbrella in it. It feels great! And guess what, when we get back we have appointment to look at this great house on the lake”.

He spent his entire life wanting more, then put himself in the picture, and achieved it. How about you, what do you want? What does it look like? What color is it? Where is it?

Marie has struggled with the possibilities, but she finally decided it was worth making them real. Last week she emailed to tell me she cut out a picture of a brand new Volkswagen Jetta...

I don't know what you want but when you finally picture it you will believe it can be yours. Visualize your tomorrow and it can be what you want it to be!

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