Do I have to have a product or an idea all my own?

That question is usually followed by: “I've never had an original idea, I can't write, and I've already failed at everything I've tried.

Once in awhile that comment is followed by: “Can I just copy your stuff?

A student from Alaska asked me this question today. I thought about his question several times because it is asked so often, and decided to tell you something that might surprise you. I became successful once I realized I could not invent something.

Oh great, Mr. Lazy, now you've got me really turned around! At first you tell me you discovered this great secret and now you tell me there is no secret. What's up with that?

Well, lets think about it. There are Fords and Chevrolets and Cadillacs and Hondas and all kinds of cars. Henry Ford did perfect the assembly line but the automobile came along before him.

Pepsi did not invent cola, but they are doing quite well.

The contractor who built your house did not invent indoor living but is doing quite well anyway.

We are a country of innovators, and we are the envy of the world. One financial expert said that we are so great as a country because we know how to get our products and services to the people. Think about it, countries like Africa are rich in natural resources, yet hundreds of thousands starve to death annually because the food doesn't get to them. American farmers grow the food, factories process it, trucks and boats deliver it around the country and around the world and we, quite literally, feed the world.

So what does this have to do with me, or with you Mr. Lazy? Everything! You see, years ago I decided I wanted a business that would generate cash automatically (more about that in my article about a perfect business.). I knew I could write fairly well so I assumed I could get rich if I wrote something better than everyone else. And, after reviewing lots and lots of ads and get rich quick programs, I knew most of those offering information were not writers. So I wrote really nice stuff, lots of big words, perfect sentences and flowery phrases.

And nobody cared. Because they had no reason to care. After all, what do you care if I can say big words or write long sentences. The truth is people only buy your stuff when they believe it will work for them. Wow, that narrows it down, doesn't it.

Let's go back to the automobiles, the Fords and Chevrolets and Cadillacs and Hondas. None of them invented the car but Henry Ford made a fortune by producing them cheaply enough to make them attractive to everyone. Chevrolet came along and added style. And a little later Cadillac talked to wealthy people about luxury. Then, when the American car market was losing its reputation for building quality products, Honda came along.

Each of these automakers followed a proven guideline: Ask what people want and then deliver it.

Now let's get to you and to me. Each of you has a skill. You might be the best golfer on earth, you might know how to paint, to sing, or shoot a rifle. Perhaps you can cook a special sauce or form a perfect shirt or teach people how to overcome their fear of flying. Maybe you know the healthiest diet on earth.

On the other hand, maybe you are like I was so many years ago; maybe you aren't very good at anything. Oh, I was a pretty good baseball player and still play ping pong fairly well, but what do those skills do for me? But I knew one thing, I wanted to make money on my terms. So I studied and studied and searched and searched and finally learned about something I could actually do. Then I practiced it, perfected it, and wrote by Guide, “Take a Really Fast Drive down the Lazy Road to Truly Great Wealth!” (Available by clicking here). But before I wrote it, I tested it and made money with it. By the time the text was finished I knew it would work.

Then I did the most important thing I've ever done, the one thing that failed businesses never do: I listened to you! I wanted to know how my words worked for you. Would it be too hard to do? Did I give you enough information, or too much? Could the instructions be followed by anyone? And, most importantly, could you make money just like I did?

From your questions I tweaked my program and offered several improvements, each easy for me to offer, each very important to my students (Each is laid out in detail in my Guide,“ Take a Really Fast Drive down the Lazy Road to Truly Great Wealth!” (You can get your personal copy by clicking here.). I literally put everything necessary for success in simple language and then supported it with service after the sale (If you wonder how important service is to your success read my article on Service in this section).

I didn't invent anything; I took a very good, proven idea, and asked myself this question: How can I break it into such simple steps that anybody can follow them? I had to be honest with myself, look at the process, admit my mistakes, and then build (just like Henry Ford) a working model that would appeal to everyone who wants to make money.

I wrote my first little ad in 1998 and the money has been rolling in regularly since. Best of all, the money comes from the original model but, just like Henry Ford who went from the Model A to the Model T, I have tweaked the process, added lots of value, and now enjoy a successful, proven money making system that has created lots and lots of friends.

My Alaskan student wondered if he had to invent something to succeed. How many times, and for how long, have you wracked your brain trying to come up with your million dollar idea? Chances are that idea is right in front of you, just as it was with me. If you take advantage of my Guide, “Take a Really Fast Drive down the Lazy Road to Truly Great Wealth!”, you might just discover the hidden millionaire inside you.

Stop trying to invent a new wheel, or a new light bulb, or the magic potion that will help your car get nine million miles per gallon of gas. Simplify your life, take information that has already worked, personalize it with your words, and watch the money roll in.

You might be surprised at just how smart you really are.

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