Where are the pictures of the mansions and luxury cars?

One of my smartest and most inquisitive students, Christine, was the first to ask me the subject question. Those of you who have seen my full page ads or read my letters over the years know that I have never put a car, an airplane, a mansion or anything like that in my ads. I have included copies of my logo that's what you see when you open this site and of my grandkids.

Why no mansion or hot car or airplane? First, let me ask you this question: How many ads have you seen with a mansion or a hot car or a beach scene and actually believed the person writing the ad owned it? Those mansions, those hot cars, that lady leaning on the older Mercedes with a champagne glass, those photos of exotic islands, well, they rarely belong to the people running the ads. How can I say this? About ten years ago I worked with a company that ran national television ads talking about how to get rich in real estate. Every set used for filming was a fake. The mansions were rented through an agency. The fast cars either belonged to a wealthy friend or were rented through an agency. The photos of the islands were taken from magazines or someone's travel photos.

One of the most well known money making magazine ads features a lady holding a glass of champagne while leaning against a nice car. It is 2005 as I write this and that exact same photo has been used since 1996. Not only that, the amounts of money the ad claims to make have been the same. I can tell you several things about that ad: that woman would be at least ten years older today, the car appears to be an older Mercedes sedan that would have been paid and replaced with a newer one long ago, and it is impossible to make that kind of money from a magazine ad alone. I once asked one of the largest magazines if they have ever actually spoken with her and they said, No. Most believe she is just a prop for the ads just like the mansions and the cars.

There is an ad that features two girls standing on top of a boat. But the boat has flags draped across the front just like they do at a boat show. Hmm. Another ad from a long time advertiser shows a picture of a white fence overlooking white sands and a beach. The caption promises owning a home like that will no longer be a dream. There is no home pictured, the authors address is New Jersey, and New Jersey does not have beaches like that.

If you ever find yourself bored to death and spend a few minutes watching those television infomercials for stocks or real estate or some other get rich quick idea, you will usually notice the ads begin with shots of beaches or mansions or hot cars, all at a distance, none with anyone who ever attended a seminar owning them.

It goes on and on. When I began I knew I didn't own a hot car, have a mansion, or spend time vacationing in exotic locations. But that was nearly eight years ago. Since that time I've owned a Grumman Tiger sport airplane, two Mercedes, one Lexus, have traveled often to Hawaii, own investment property and generally live a great life. But I don't own a mansion today because I'm not married and don't know what I would do with it. I do live walking distance from the beach in La Jolla, one of California's most beautiful and pleasant cities near San Diego (Dr. Seuss lived here his wife still does so you know its a nice place!). I have season tickets to the San Diego Padres, season tickets to the La Jolla Playhouse, donate to the museum, to Scripps Institute, scuba dive off the coast, kayak around Pt. Loma and bike ride near the ocean and live a nice life.

I could offer all kinds of impressive photos to wow you, but my ads feature my grandkids sitting in the middle of envelopes full of money we have received. Why them? Why not a mansion or a BMW or an exotic island? Because the grandkids, Jackson and Ava, are worth more than all the money I will ever make! But more than that, they are REAL! And they remind me that the best ideas and the best service and the best techniques are those that are real and honest. It would be very difficult to publish a lie with those two in it, so they help me keep my feet on the ground. More than that, they don't know and don't care about what I drive or the lifestyle I live. The only thing they care about is their grandpa is around for them. And, thanks to LazyWealth™ we spend lots of time together.

The money making business has been around for a long, long time, but there are few new ideas. Most of the advertisers use the same, tired approach: wow you with the possibilities, take your money and run! As my LazyWealth customers and friends know, I wanted a different model when I started. I, like you, saw those pictures of islands and luxury cars and often sent my money away. What I got back was a poorly written or incomplete booklet that did nothing for me. When I tried to contact the author I never got a reply. Sometimes I requested a refund but cant recall a time I got one. It drove me crazy! Mark Twain once lamented that “Truth is a valuable commodity, use it sparingly”. Unfortunately, that seems to be a theme in the world of money making opportunities.

When I started I was determined to present an exciting possibility, provide a way for you to contact me, and offer personal assistance along the way. Or, to put in another way, I wanted to offer something that would not only make Ava and Jackson proud, but let them participate as they grow older. I've taken my time, worked out the bugs, backed up every promise made, and now have the most visible and successful company of its kind in America.

LazyWealth is not a success by accident. I learned from some very smart and honest people and saw what happened to some who were not so honest. Helping people make money so they can enjoy long term financial security is the most rewarding thing I've ever done, and we are just beginning. We are adding new products and services, enhancing the website, helping people like you learn what really is involved in becoming successful.

But you wont see phony pictures of mansions and cars and people in LazyWealth ads. We offer a clear message, provide honest service, and know what works, so we don't need phony props to get our message across. Thank you for demanding the best from Mr. Lazy and for always challenging us to be better. Thanks to you we cant fail, and neither can you if you trust yourself, be patient, and follow a proven path. If you have not yet ordered our Guide, Take a Really Fast Drive down the Lazy Road to Truly Great Wealth! you can do so by clicking here.

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