Not Just About Money

Sometimes you read an ad in a magazine, or receive a sales letter, and all it talks about is how much money someone has, or will have, or wants to have. And you have to wonder exactly what does someone who has enough money do all day. Oh, sure, its nice to think about walking along the beach— and I do everyday when I'm home— but life is a whole lot more than just getting up, making a buck, going to the bank, going to the beach, and going to sleep. If its not, your life is miserably empty.

We thought you might find it interesting to know that Mr. Lazy loves money because money makes it possible to do good stuff. Besides spoiling the grandkids, traveling around, helping others succeed using the LazyWealth™ secrets, Mr. Lazy believes every day should be enthusiastically received. It's just too easy today, with all the negative television and newspaper information, all the troubles in the world, and even your friends who are convinced life is for losers, to expect the worst. And to act like it!

Many of my customers and friends begin their early correspondence with me by saying, “I know this won't work, but”, or“ I've tried every method and system there is” , or “I'll bet you are lying” and ... Wow! No wonder life seems like such a chore to most people.

On the other hand, Ill bet you know someone (and are probably a little suspicious of) who always seems confident, always looks forward to a new challenge, always expects the best. What's the difference? Luck? No. Money? No. The difference is an understanding that each day is going to pass with or without you accomplishing anything, its up to you. Successful people face challenges just like you do: Mr. Lazy has had many toothaches, gets the flu just like you do, and recently lost a brother to a heart attack. Nobody ever said life would be easy, but that doesn't mean it cant be fun, too.

It took Mr. Lazy a long time (as you know, he has had his 61st birthday) to learn how to be successful. Now his passion is helping others, creating a legacy his family can be proud of, and experiencing as many challenges as possible. You cannot convince Mr. Lazy that you can't do better than he is doing. After all, you've had a bunch of birthdays so far and, if luck holds out, you'll have many more. Each birthday can be just like the most recent one, a lament because you are not doing better or a celebration of what you have accomplished so far and a look forward to even better days. I know it sounds trite to say it but it is up to you!

What are you interested in? Flying? Fishing? Yoga? Scuba Diving? Bicycling? Gardening? Cooking? Body Building? Whatever your interest is, the opportunity is there for you to take. In the meantime, look at some of the things an old guy like Mr. Lazy enjoys.

Here are some of Mr. Lazy's interests:

FLYING: Mr. Lazy has both helicopter and airplane licenses. For those of you who are interested and who like airplanes, Mr. Lazy learned to fly in a Bell 47 helicopter (and flew the helicopter used in the M.A.S.H. television series.), then got certified in a variety of fixed wing aircraft including the Cessna 150 and 172, Piper 140 and 180, the Arrow, owned a Grumman Tiger, and has time in a T6, T34, Pitts Special, Citabria (tailwheel certification), Cessna 421 and a few others he cant remember. He flies for fun and will probably buy another airplane soon. Member, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

The photo below is Mr. Lazy (the taller one) standing in front of his friend Johns T6 a 1940s era Fighter trainer - at the Reno Air Races in September 2004. Fun time, exciting flying. John is not only a valued friend, he is one of the best pilots I've ever met. My time in this airplane has been in the backseat. Once you get strapped in the airplane shakes, rattles and rolls until it gets in the air where it is like sitting in your living room, the ride is comfortable. And it does loops and rolls and all the other stuff you would expect. On our most recent flight together John and I flew twenty feet off the ground herding antelope in rural Colorado. Everyone should experience this kind of flying.

T6 Fighter Trainer


DIVING: Mr. Lazy earned his scuba diving certificate a year ago. Now ready to explore the whole world! Member, PADI. The photograph below was taken from my 31st floor window of the Westin Resort in Hollywood, Florida during a dive trip. Didn't take any photos on the dive because it was windy and rough all around so the diving wasn't very good. But the enjoyment of diving is a whole lot more than just the time spent under water! A mixed drink with a little umbrella in it while sitting on the balcony with a warm breeze washing over you is not a bad way to spend the day.

On a recent dive trip near San Diego we came upon some dolphins who swam in and around our boat playing like a group of grammar school kids. On another trip two whales jumped above the surface and fell back to the water with a giant splash.

Once under the water we drifted in and around columns of plants as a wide variety of fish darted in and out. One really neat thing about diving is that it clears your mind of all the trouble above the surface.

Florida Balcony


TRAVELING: Those who know Mr. Lazy know he has always been curious about places around America and the world. His travels have included most of Europe, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico, with many more on the horizon. In addition, he has been to all 50 states, some many times. Favorite places include almost anywhere in the South from Savanna to Hilton Head to Point Clear, Alabama: Southerners are the nicest most respectful people on the planet. Other favorites include Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, the glaciers in Anchorage, the deserts of Arizona, Lake Bemidji in northwest Minnesota and well, as you can tell, America is loaded with treasures everywhere you go.

Of course, Mr. Lazy is interested in more than just planet Earth and is always willing to make friends everywhere he travels. The photo below was taken with a friend from, well, far away during a recent road trip to where else? Roswell, New Mexico.

You gotta admit, its fun no matter where you go!

Rosewell Alien


CARS: Mr. Lazy likes cars but doesn't keep them too long. A couple of years ago he got this big urge to restore a classic Mercedes. So he checked around on the internet and found a 1986 Mercedes 560SL near Dallas, Texas. The car was in good shape but really needed updating. So he bought it and began the process of restoration. About six months later the car looked like it does in the photo below. It was a labor of love, way too expensive, but lots of fun. The car is basically a gigantic engine in a very heavy although small body. You can take it over 100 miles per hour on the freeway and it feels like you are sitting still; best road car Mr. Lazy every owned. Of course, it gets about ten miles per gallon of the really expensive gas. A couple of months ago Mr. Lazy realized he rarely drives the car so he put it for sale. Don't know what the next project will be, but probably wont build anything from the ground up again. In the meantime, recently bought a Lexus IS300, as nice a car as any I've owned. Great gas mileage, excellent power, never gives any trouble. So maybe Mr. Lazy will quit collecting cars for awhile... nah, probably not!

Mercedes 560SL

Everything was redone, from new leather seats, to new interior and panel parts, to a concert hall sound system. The car has two tops, one soft, one hard, and looks great. One problem Mr. Lazy learned after he bought the car is that the seats only go back a short distance so, if you are over about 510 you cant quite fit. Mr. Lazy is just over 61 tall and his knees spend all their time trying to avoid the steering wheel while his head hits the hardtop when it is installed. And his son, at almost 66 cant even fit in the car. So it looks good but doesn't work well for taller people. Oh, well .

FREE STUFF: So many of the pictures you've seen so far involve spending money, sometimes a lot. Yet, the best and most fun times are often either very inexpensive or free. You don't have to travel the world, stay in expensive hotels, buy cars or otherwise spend all of your money on stuff. The best moments Mr. Lazy has tends to be those that are the simplest. The photo below, for example, was taken at sunset along La Jolla Shores near San Diego, a short walk from Mr. Lazy's residence. There is something extra special about walking near the beach during a winter evening when the crowds are gone, the air is still pleasant, the pelicans surf the ridges of the waves, the small birds peck away for sand crabs and other delicacies, and nothing but the sound of the surf and the call of the birds comes to your ears. Even better, many nights include a series of dolphins hopping across the surf near the shore.

La Jolla Shores

Everyone values time with family, especially when doing something fun. The Birch Aquarium on the campus of the University of California at San Diego is known worldwide for its studies of the oceans and climate, but it doesn't forget people like to be entertained. Sitting in the middle of one of the most educational aquariums in America - tide pools, salt water displays, sharks and all kinds of sea creatures is a small fun zone that allows the kids to step into the creatures. The photo below is my son, his girlfriend and two of my incredibly good looking and smart grandkids in the mouth of a great shark at the Birch Aquarium. And they don't even look scared!

Birch Aquarium


ALWAYS LOVE BASEBALL: Grew up about fifteen miles east of Los Angeles when the Dodgers were the only team in town. Some years ago the Angels came to Anaheim, a city that happens to be almost exactly the same distance from my former home as Dodger stadium was.

Every once in a while my friends and I would jump into whatever car was running that day, drive down the crowded Interstate 10, exit at Vignes street near the Los Angeles jail, wind our way through China Town and finally find ourselves at the gates of Dodger Stadium. We would usually buy tickets for the cheap seats and sit either along the outfield wall or on the fourth level above home place, a level so high the players looked like animated caricatures moving about the field. But we had hot dogs and fun every time. And, since this is Southern California, we never had to worry about rain or any kind of weather canceling a game. As time went on we went to some games down in Anaheim. Still fun but not the Dodgers.

Then I moved to San Diego in the 90s and found, as most people who live here do, that once in San Diego you never want to leave. The San Diego Padres, a team nobody in LA ever cares about, played their games in the local football stadium at that time, a rotten place to watch baseball. So I never went to a game.

Then, around 2000, a new stadium deal was announced. I decided, if the team actually built a new stadium, season tickets would be a great idea. So I bought those season tickets for the opening season and still have them. Other people use the tickets more than I do, and I donate tickets for local charity events, but it is a great stadium. The photo below was taken from my seats along the first base line at a special day for season ticket holders before opening day. Since the weather is so nice in San Diego, the open air stadium with its fresh grass and great view of the surrounding city is a great place to spend an afternoon or evening.

Ball Park


MILITARY: Everyone has defining moments some time in life. One of the most memorable parts of Mr. Lazy's life is the three year period spent in the U.S. Army. It began with basic training at Fort Ord in California, then spent more than a year in Germany before being transferred to Vietnam. I loved my time in Germany and would never trade my time in Vietnam (but would not repeat it, either.).

The picture below includes a few items Mr. Lazy still have more than 30 years later; most have been hidden away in a box and nobody has seen them until now. I still have my dress uniform, dog tags, some of my medals (most have been lost), a photo of me on a perimeter search in Pleiku, the orders sending me to Vietnam, a letter from General Westmoreland, and a copy of my discharge. Thought you might find them interesting.





FAMILY: Have two married daughters and one not-yet-married son. One daughter lives in Oklahoma, one near Los Angeles, and my son near me in San Diego. Also have four outrageously good looking and smart grandkids, two in Oklahoma, two in California. Come from a fairly large family; had five brothers. Both parents and one brother passed away.

CHARITIES: The really nice thing about doing well is being able to do well for others. Here are some of the charities Mr. Lazy likes and donates to regularly:

There are other interests, charitable and otherwise, but we are pretty selective about who and how we donate. All in all, Mr. Lazy knows where the money he donates goes and likes what it accomplishes.

So what's the point of this section? It doesn't sell you anything, it might entertain you, but it lets you know business success can give you the freedom to do those things you only dream about now. And the more you do, the more you will want to do. But, as you go along, you will realize its the small things that are the most important and the most fun. So look ahead now, make a list of all the stuff you hope to accomplish someday, big and small, and then spend each day working toward your goals.

And, as you move along the path to success, don't forget that the greatest fun you will have is when you wake up one morning thinking of someone other than yourself. Those little charitable ideas that have been buried in the back of your mind will become reality when you remove the barriers that keep you from doing what is really important. LazyWealth has been my magic carpet and I hope to continue riding it for many years to come, and then let my kids and grandkids hop on. After all, they have dreams, too.

Thanks for reading through this, I hope it lets you know we are about more than just a buck . If you own my information you have taken the first step toward finding your dreams, the effort you make from this point forward will determine how fast you get there and how much you enjoy it when you finally arrive. (You can order your personal copy of my Guide by clicking here.)

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