Why Not Own a Perfect Business?

A few minutes ago I had a message from Ali in the United Kingdom asking if he could succeed with the LazyWealth™ principle in England. Since LazyWealth has students in Japan, India, Canada, and Australia I wondered if there might others around the world or even here at home who wonder if the principle will work anywhere.

First, let me add something very special; people, like Ali, who live in countries with either limited or no entrepreneurial opportunity are attracted to the American spirit of freedom to choose. They realize, and often envy, the fact that we wake up every morning with no limitations, other than those we put on ourselves. Sometimes, probably because we are so close to it, that spirit is lost with us.

When I was dreaming of a business I looked around at people I thought were successful. (Nobody in my family was ever in business for him or her self and I did not attend college or take business classes.) I saw real estate people who drove nice cars but worked all day long every day of the week. I saw people with high paying jobs who jumped in the car early in the morning, fought traffic for an hour or more, and then returned home after dark. I saw people trying all sorts of stuff, like multi-level marketing, mail order or other opportunities that promised riches, and I watched as virtually all of them failed miserably after spending a lot of money they were not told they would have to spend. And I tried and failed.

I was attracted to business opportunity magazines and all those great ads that promised riches right now! And I bought lots of information only to discover most of it was incomplete, poorly put together, or would cost thousands and thousands to work. I wondered whether the people who showed those pictures of the great houses, the big boats, the pretty women, ever did what they advertised. But it really didnt matter whether they made it or not; their secret would never work for me. Or you.

Along the “frustration road” I finally learned some worthwhile facts. First, unless you pick the winning lotto number you are not going to get rich quick! Second, it takes education, persistence, patience, skill, and desire to achieve anything worthwhile. And, three, you dont have to be terribly smart if you are willing to learn from smart people.

Unfortunately for me I was as stubborn as I was frustrated. Year after year I kept telling myself I was sooooooo smart I would come up with a brilliant idea. And year after year all I got was another year older! Then I learned how to blame someone or something else for my misfortunes: It was just bad luck. I could get ahead if only I could get a break. It takes too much money to make money. The cost of living is too high; I don't have any money left. Those rich people were just lucky. And so on.

But I gradually had to admit I wasnt successful because of me! Not because of my boss, or the company, or the weather, or the interest rates, or my credit, or anything else but me! When I finally admitted this I was able to think ahead instead of backwards. I was still in bad shape financially but I was finally willing to do something about it.

In my information letter I talk about sitting in the library searching for a solution, and finding it. Since I was out of work at the time I had lots of time to sit. But what I didnt mention was that before I went to the library I outlined the type of work I wanted. Here is what I came up with see how it fits your goals:

1. I wanted work I could do anywhere.
2. I wanted work I could do when I wanted to work.
3. I did not want to have to call people or sell anything door to door.
4. I did not want to spend all day every day working.
5. I wanted to be able to work anywhere I want.
6. I wanted to have a business that would help people and make friends.
7. I wanted to travel.
8. I wanted to do more of what I considered fun flying, scuba diving, visiting the grandkids, relaxing, etc. And be able to afford to have fun!
9. I wanted to have lots and lots of free time.
10. I wanted to be excited about what I was doing.

Oh, and it had to be cheap, really cheap, to start because all I could scrape up was $65.

So that ruled out multilevel marketing (takes waaaaaay too much time and waaaaaay to much money), mail order (lots of cost in printing, postage and mail to get going), real estate (gotta be available when the customer is, all seven days a week), a franchise (large upfront cost and its like buying a job) or almost all of the opportunities advertised.

By the time I was done narrowing my requirements down I came up with this:

1. The work had to be fun.
2. I needed a way for people to contact me by some method other than a telephone.
3. I had to provide something worthwhile for my customer, but not have to customize it for every customer.
4. Not only did I have to begin really cheaply, the sales from my first bit of business had to pay for all the rest.
5. The business had to have some lasting power; meaning it would work today, tomorrow and for a long time to come. Ideally, I could do my work once and profit for a long, long time.

There are not a lot of business opportunities that fit this description. But LazyWealth does. The idea had been right in front of me for a long, long time but my eyes were not open. Once I opened my mind I figured it out quickly. That was back in 1998.

I began with $65. That $65 paid for everything to come: advertising, printing, mailing, everything! That $65 has done well for me, and now my kids are learning the business. That $65 has led to thousands and thousands of dollars in income, success for many of my students, lots of satisfaction, an incredibly good lifestyle, and the comfort that comes from knowing every day will be a good day.

My Guide details what I did and how I did it. The assignments allow my students to follow a proven step-by-step path. And the inside secrets I reveal in Assignments Nine and Ten are not revealed by anyone else anywhere and they might just save you thousands of dollars while making you rich.

Alis question was an important one. Unless the business opportunity you get involved with can satisfy your remember, he wanted to know if the business can be done in England. - requirements why would you waste one moment on it? You might as well have a job and keep making someone else rich. Ali can do LazyWealth in England. You can do it in Japan, or Canada, or in America.

What do you really want to do? Travel? Buy a new car? Own a larger home? Have lots of cash in the bank? Be the envy of your neighbors? Provide for your children? And your Grandchildren? Skydive? Scuba dive? Help others?

The only thing holding you back is you. If LazyWealth fits your requirements order it now. All you gain by waiting another day is more frustration. If this short story gave you another idea you want to act on, then get on with it now.

I know LazyWealth works. It has been working for me since 1998 and it will continue working until Im gone, then it will work for my kids and theirs .

I waited too long before I took action. Don't you wait another minute. You can order my Guide by clicking here.

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