Resources We Use in Our LazyWealth™ Business

We are often asked about the various resources we use in our business so we are listing them here along with a description and contact information. We receive a referral fee for some. (When you enroll in any of them you can set up your own referral ID for free).

Each is a resource we have used for some time and are comfortable with:


1. SOLID TRUST PAY (STP): This is a payment processor that allows you to make payments worldwide. They have an easy-to-navigate website, have live telephone assistance and have performed very well. I linked my Bank Account to them so I can make transfers without a credit card (and the high fees they charge). They have also come out with a debit card for even easier transactions. The website address is:

2. ALERT PAY: Pay processor you can use for payments worldwide. Alert Pay is now second only to PayPal in terms of overall payment processing. I also have them connected to my bank account. However, a very viable resource. Our referral address is

3. STRICT PAY: This is one of the newer processors but is the most respected of all from user comments. We are officially enrolled making this our third processor. When combined with Solid Trust Pay and Alert Pay we now have processors that permit access to all good programs. Enrollment is simple and straightforward and, if you want to link to your bank accounts as we have, you must provide supporting info by fax or email; easy to do.
Our link is:

NOTE: Since the financial crisis and the government bungling in 2008 and 2009 the more traditional processors that might handle your credit cards have dropped out of the market. And both PayPal and Google will not service opportunity programs so Solid Trust Pay and Alert Pay have become the favored choices of many programs.

Something else you should be aware of is that many programs are now requiring a Gmail (Google’s free email service) account because other free services like msn, yahoo, hotmail and others routinely block their emails. If you know how to get your free service to stop blocking or sending your emails to your junk folder you can stay with it, but more and more programs are looking to Gmail so you might consider setting up a Gmail address.


If anyone asks the one key to our success it is STAYING IN TOUCH WITH PEOPLE. We use the premier autoresponder to send daily emails out to our thousands of worldwide customers/friends with just the click of a button. We tried several autoresponders when first learning how valuable they are, but learned most are unable to deliver emails. We finally settled on because it is the largest, the best managed, has live customer service and IT WORKS. We have been with them for more than three years and will stay with them. Cost is about $180 per year or $15 per month: when you realize I send out more than 100,000 emails a month the cost is virtually nothing! My referral site is:


You may want to use the only other Autoresponder service we recommend. Get Response is easy to use, very effective and has great service. You can access them at:


This is one we can heartily recommend with no hesitation at all. We were referred to Kall 8 a couple of years ago and have used them exclusively ever since. Kall 8 is a toll free telephone service that allows you to choose a toll free phone number – we use it for the Gift program – for $2 up front, $2 monthly and just 6.9 cents per minute. Even better, you can have all of your messages sent to your email address so you can read them instead of punching a bunch of numbers into your phone to retrieve them. (This is especially important when you get messages from people who do not pronounce their numbers clearly; the number is captured on your screen.) You can also set up your referral ID for free when you enroll. And, of course, they have live customer service through their toll free number.


Many of our friends worldwide are not very comfortable with the computer but realize some basic skills are required to succeed in any business today; after all, almost all businesses have a website, keep your records online and allow payments online. There is a great website for FREE HELP at


If you want to develop a website on your own a great free service is, a simple FREE service.


We have discussed the benefits and challenges of a corporation in many of our regular emails so we won’t go into the details here. We have had a Nevada Corporation for many years and the company we use is:

CSS Nevada
4535 W. Sahara Ave, Ste 200
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(877) 568 2677

They are very good at answering questions. If you call tell them I asked you to call. I do not receive a referral from them so there is no financial benefit to me, but they are very helpful.


Some people have problems receiving documents because they have an old Word setup in their computer. If you convert your files to PDF you can send them so anyone can download them. A great free source is:

Here is a great FREE source sent from a LazyWealth friend. This one allows you to convert documents to pdf and back to Word so it should be very helpful:


Go to, and enter your info for your FREE SUBSCRIPTION.


All programs and free information available at

These resources are what we use for various programs: all program information is available at


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