Copies of each e-mail or letter is on file in my office. These are real
testimonials from real customers, and there are many more than listed
here. Please feel free to submit your own.

Larry I have spent in excess of $28,000 dollars over the last 5 years and have dealt with all sorts of people, BUT I HAVE NEVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF WORKING WITH SOMEONE IN THIS ARENA, WHO ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT ME AND MY SUCCESS AS YOU. You show it in the personal responses to my e-mails, in picking up the phone when I call and not rushing me as if I'm bugging you, you show it in Not Judging me when I fall behind or get off track, Larry you are always there to give the encouragement I need when I need it and for that I Thank You.     Larry Oxenham, You are not only a Great Mentor, but a Friend and I look forward to shaking your hand and Thanking you Face To Face one day. 
To Our Mutual Success
.—Gerard, Florida

Thank you for getting back to me and I appreciate your comments.While there are many people out there that talk about focus and not getting distracted, I really dismiss a lot of it as lip service since I feel that their main reason is to push someone into buying their product or service. I didn't (and don't) get that from any of your messages. Your interest is clearly in each person doing the right thing for them (this is so evident when you talk about enrolling people in the gift program) at the right point for them. You continue to provide your advice and insights on a daily basis and let everyone in the lazy wealth family move at their own pace based on the situations they are facing. So basically Larry, what others are doing now you have done for some time and are very effective at it. I always look forward to your emails. —Robert, Georgia

“Wow!  What a phone call!!!  I just would like to thank you for taking the time to return my call. 

I am so pumped right now!  I don’t know what else to say!  I am just ready to get going with your system!  Finally, I have found someone who really cares about people what they are putting their hard earned money into, it is just so refreshing. 

You are so impressive and to think that you took about 30 minutes out of your day while you were out of town no less to return my call to answer my questions and to get to know one another, it is truly just unbelievable!  

I am looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership (mentorship)!” —T. B., Georgia

Wow, Thanks for your timely response to my email, I almost couldn't believe it, but in my heart of hearts I just knew you had to be telling the truth when you say Mr. Lazy truly cares about helping people, b/c there's such a sense of integrity in the words you chose to describe your programs on your website-and it shows! I feel so important, like I really matter to you and your company. I just have such a great feeling about this! Oh, and thanks for the picture of the Happy Truck :)— Udeme E.

"It is very refreshing to find someone who is concerned about the buyer of a product. It is refreshing and rare. Thank you again." Fred, New York

"Thanks for the help with the lessons. After I bought your course, you could have just left me dangling like so many others have done (including the rich jerk and the money king). They were pompous and arrogant and half the time unreachable or gave information that was awful. You are not any of these things. You are the greatest."Harlan, Nevada

"Larry, I have to tell you, the e-mail assignments have a ton of very useful information in them. You've done a wonderful job of providing a great service to the customer with these, as well as the personalized email advisory service and, of course, the manual itself. If I am fortunate enough to be successful with my business, I will be more than happy to write you a glowing testimonial with lots of praise (better than the one I have on the website now), telling people they are insane if they don't order from you. (Well, I won't use the word 'insane' but you get the idea.) Your customer really does get a lot of bang for their buck. It's no wonder your business continues to thrive as it does." T.M., Australia

"Hello, Larry. Wow! Thanks for answering my email. It is true what you said about the personal touch. I am so used to getting automatic emails that it is very refreshing to get a personal email. That means you actually read my words and responded to it. Wow! The thing is, Larry, that after I read your Guide my mind suddenly started working in overdrive. There were thousands of ideas going through it. Ever since I read that book of Joe Karbo those years ago, I have been thinking about writing a manual about something, but I could never think of anything to write about. After reading your guide, though, I did some brainstorming and then I started researching and now I am writing. The main thing is a compelling advert and then a quality product." —A.B., South Africa

"Just purchased your guide. I have to say, the personal response from you is a definite plus! That alone has deeply impressed me. From what I've read on your website, and from this response from you, I feel that you truly know what customer service is, and that you are willing to help others do what you do. Thanks so much for the response! Looking forward to working with you!" — T.M., Alabama

"Hello Larry, I have read your assignment program and I must say it is outstanding. I was even discussing your program with my wife and told her that it is truly the first where the person really does reply back and help the beginner. For that I sincerely thank you."P.H., New Hampshire

"Dear Larry, I had to write you to let you know how much I am getting from your Total Profits course! It is truly a 'meat and potatoes' course from beginning to end containing more value to it than most of the cheesy materials out there.

"I can't believe you are revealing so many of the marketing trade secrets Larry and for such a low price. I've paid 10 times as much for less information from some of the popular names out there. Once the gurus find out about your course, they may even offer to pay you to destroy it forever. I'm just glad I got a copy of it first because this is truly powerful information that can make anyone wealthy.

"If people knew more about what you discuss in Section 4, there would be more millionaires created overnight. This is amazing stuff. Come to think about it, you should keep it 'hush hush' now. Thanks for sharing it with me! I feel truly blessed."
H. L., www.marketingoctane.com

"I BREEZED through your full course over the last few days - GREAT work buddy! I really like the forms and resources chapters - I will get a lot of mileage out of those. I'll start listening to your CD's this weekend. While I'm on the subject of your e-mail assignments, I'm sure you hear this quite often, but the information you provide in the free assignments is worth as much, if not more, than the guide itself - and I'm not exaggerating! FANTASTIC INFORMATION!!!"
G.W., South Carolina

"I would love to inform you sir that I had about 60 sales for the month of January. More people are still placing their order while it has reach the expiring date already." O.A., Nigeria

"Hey Larry! The assignment was fun and exciting! I never been so excited about a program ever." M.A., Kansas

"When I decided to order the LazyWealth™ information, I was more than skeptical. I took a chance and ordered it anyway ... and boy am I happy I did. Larry blew me away with his fantastic guide and personal one-on-one help. Don't just think about ordering his information, actually order it and watch your life change. Nobody is better at getting you moving on building wealth than Larry." — S.M., Florida, www.yourperfectlife.com

"You have been such a tremendous help to me that I feel compelled to write to you and tell you just how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. Honestly, I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on every kind of home-based business opportunity you can think of, and I always came away disappointed – until now.

"Most people talk a good game in their advertising when they promise to walk you 'step-by-step' through their program, but in my experience no one has ever delivered on their promises the way you have. You graciously make yourself available to answer questions I may have, and you are always willing to review my work as I go along. I can feel the sincerity in your words as you offer suggestions and ideas designed to help me improve and be successful, and you have given me great confidence in my writing abilities.

"Making the decision to purchase your program was without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made. After years of searching I finally found someone who honestly cares about my success after they’ve already gotten my money. I can’t begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for me; you’re a class act." — G.P., Florida

(Because the above is such a nice letter, I felt compelled to share all of it with you. - Mr. Lazy)

"I've been beating the bushes for five years trying everything from soup to nuts and yours is the only one that makes sense." — J.R., Toronto, Canada

"Hello Larry! I really love your course and thank you for shipping it out to me very quickly. I know that with your help I will be very successful. I had a chance to listen to the first CD entitled "Welcome to LazyWealth™ — Why it Works." Yesterday I was so excited to listen to that CD again. More power to you and your company and have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Thank you." - C.N., Indiana

(He is referring to our new course, Total Profits!™. For more details, send an email to larry@lazywealth.com. - Mr. Lazy)

"Larry, first I must say I have sent for a few different programs in the past six months, and yours is the most detailed and understandable so far and also addressing all the concerns I have had with these types of programs. I think yours is the first to actually help people NOT to waste money or spend $1000's in order to start." — J.D., Washington

"I just had to write you upon completion of my first assignment. I wanted to thank you for this opportunity as, like you, I was about to give up on everything. I had been down the Amway road, Melaleuca, a communication company whose name I can't remember, and would rather not, so your opportunity is about the last straw for me. I've had my own businesses for years, and, now being 50 years old, I'm too set in my ways of doing things to put up with a regular job and a regular boss, especially when most of them don't have the sense it takes to turn on a light. However, with your opportunity I feel like you were speaking directly to me. You spoke in a way that makes all the sense in the world and I am, for the first time, setting my ways of doing things aside and I am going to follow everything you tell me to do. Thanks again for this opportunity and for the fact that you're there for help and encouragement anytime I need it." — Steve, Georgia

"I just want you to know I just got my first check! This is the one thing that is going to work, no doubt about it!" —Alan, Alaska

"Want to thank you for getting me on the road to prosperity, couldn't take the first step without your knowledge and help." — Steve, Oregon

"Darrell here and first off I just finished reading your new version of the e-book you sent me as well as started receiving my first assignment from the 10 free assignments I'll receive as part of your course. I have to say that the e-book was an awesome read and now the assignments are broken down into totally simple instructions to where now I feel I can finally be on my way to starting a business." —Darrell T., Montana

"Wow... thanks for the reply! There really is a human on the other end! It sure is great having someone on the other end to help me through this. Also, with regard to the course, can I reserve one for when it's done? Also, that dumb lady with a champagne glass ... well, I ordered her info in 1996 ... I was ticked! I asked for my money back and never got it! I completely agree with the dumb mansions and cars NOT being in the ad! It's about being REAL!" —Christine, Canada

"First, thank you for all the correspondence so far. I would indeed be interested in purchasing your next set of information as soon as it's available. I can't thank you enough for all your help (but I'll try with the supply of Dos Equis). Again, thanks so much for your help." — Joe Y., Tennessee

"I cannot say thank you enough for what you have done for me. And your product is the best on the face of this earth. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who is starting out or even looking for a way to change their financial future needs your product and of course your expertise. Just a small note here: I followed your lessons from steps 1-10 and it worked just like you said it would. And I mean it worked! For every ad I am running such as classified or display it is averaging about a 21% return on all of my customers who requested information for me!!!! So, basically if I paid $80 for an ad I am MAKING BETWEEN $200-$250 to me in my pocket!!! This is truly a fast drive down the lazy road and a rewarding financial future. Thanks for everything Larry!!! See you at the beach drinking one of those fancy drinks with the umbrella in it!!!!"Donn C.

"I think your guide is fantastic and I want to use a part of it to build my own business. Thank you very much for your help!"Pascal B., California (a satisfied buyer of your guide)

"Thanks for your quick response Larry. It is good to know that I can actually communicate to you. You can't do that with other programs. By the way, you have an excellent website, it is very well organized and informative. Thank you so much."Julio,Puerto Rico

"Larry, I just wanted to write to you to let you know how excited I am about this! Aside from the birth of my daughter, I've never been so excited about any one thing in my life ever. I feel like I can't fail. How can I when you're riding alongside me, helping me every step of the way? Thank you so much!" Albert, Hawaii

"I just got your book and I think it is really, really great!" — Chris, Tennessee

"I love your book and the information enclosed in it! I appreciate your honesty!"
George, Arkansas

"I revised my start. Could you please critique it? And thanks for all the advice yesterday, I'm still writing!"Mike, Michigan
"P.S. Is it bad that I look forward to coming in to work only to receive your help via email and to write more?"

"I know without your help I wouldn't have been able to get it all together. You have been a real help to me and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I want to thank you very much. Maybe when we start making some money, maybe someday in the near future, that is if Jesus should tarry, we might get a chance to visit each other. I know I don't know you personally, but since we have communicated I feel that you are a real friend. God Bless you and yours. May you always prosper."Larry, Wyoming

"You probably are sick of hearing from me, but I got three more money orders today! This is insane!" Jeff S., Washington

"I did read your report last night, I was up until 1 a.m. doing so. It was a little difficult to sleep after that because I was so excited. I am sure I found the right method and advice from the right person this time. Your report is very good and I really appreciate your honesty all through the entire 30 pages. I am very happy that I made the decision to respond to your full-page ad in 'Small Business Opportunities' magazine." Paul, Massachusetts

"Thank you for everything you have done for me so far, I greatly appreciate your help! May God bless you and thank you for your time and expertise!!!!!" Donn, Minnesota

"Larry, thank you again. You're right. It is absolutely amazing to me that this kind of basic, common sense writing is the kind that works. You know, I can see why the very few actually have great success. I think it's because it takes a certain amount of patience to learn what works, apply it and stay the course until you have it right. I am just so glad I kept learning. It was a lot of fun. See you on the 'other side of frustration ... the happy, successful side.'"Don, Pennsylvania

(I included the letter above because Don is one of those who always had the ability but couldn't quite find the right formula. Like so many people, he kept looking for something that was more complicated and harder than it actually is. Now that he has followed the LazyWealth™ path to success he looks back with a sense of wonder and looks forward to great financial rewards. Congratulations to Don. - Mr. Lazy)

"I recently ordered your guide and love it! Finally, a real opportunity."Jared, Canada

"Thank you for the awesome package! Best money I have spent for any information package ever, and believe me, I have spent a lot of money on 'worthless' programs."Donn, Arizona

"I purchased your book online a couple of months ago. Loved it! What an uncomplicated way to start a business. And the great thing is, your program leads to so many other opportunities. When I received your book, I read the thing through in one sitting and began my own plan for this system. It all came so naturally to me. After studying MANY other programs, both on and off line, I discovered one thing: They are all designed to make the 'other guy' money! Besides that, most of the other programs are vastly more complicated than yours. I believe that I have found a winner with your simple and effective program. Thank you so much."Mat, Colorado

"Thank you for everything you've done so far. Your step-by-step support really helps those like me with a busy schedule, keeps me on track and moving forward!"Shad B., Maryland

"Your book is so wonderful. The best. TOP of the line. As 'real' as real can be. I sincerely admire the way you write ... exuding your wishes to really help people in the way you write your words ... and the meanings sometimes 'between the lines'.I believe I'm a pretty good writer myself in my own personal, unique way ... as we're all different. But Larry, I do hope I can reach people in the way you do. It means much to me." Rick, South Dakota

"I received your guide. It is great! I read it 3 times. I want to receive your first assignment if you could mail it to me. I don't have access to email at this time. Thank you."Earle, Tennessee

(I included the note above because this man is so determined to succeed that he refuses to give up. He said he "mailed or called " other advertisers but none of them responded. LazyWealth™ works because we listen to you and always, always, always respond.
—Mr. Lazy)

"Thanks for all your help, Larry. I put your information to use and made 150% profit my first try! Finally real, useful information that works. Can't wait to be lazy like you!"J.S., Washington

"I so truly believe in the concept ... you give much more than the customer expects, that is true value and good business. Plus ... you enjoy it."H. D., Washington

"I was really impressed because you are willing to help out others to succeed. It seems like you really care for others. Not for your own benefit, but for the benefit of others. I really do admire you for that."J. A., Minnesota

"The most exciting thing for me is to see how I grew through the process with you. You were right, there is nothing like ... it. It makes me feel so honest ... as you were."
D. W., New Jersey

"We are having a lot of fun with this! And we appreciate all your help!"J. R., Florida

"Thank you for sending me the guide. It was great! You were able to get to the point in less than 30 pages. I would like to try this with you. I am so excited. I have been lost lately, trying to find my way. Now I see that I was somewhat headed in the right direction, I just needed a little help." E. D.

"Thanks for the encouragement. Very helpful insight and very accurate I might add. I am shocked I could really do this ... a lot of fun!" Don, Indiana

"I responded to the 'USE ME AND GET RICH' ad. The information was the same as yours. But I was confused after reading it. However, your information is very informative and easy to understand. And to top it all off, you are a big help in setting it up." Millicent T., Virginia

"Hi Larry, I'm glad I found you. After reading LazyWealth™, I realize you are right. Entrepreneurs have a common thread ... we want to make something happen. With your help, I know I can."Tom, New York

"Your entire system is easily worth 5 -10 times what you ask for it, and without a doubt, the best wealth creation information I have ever bought. Maybe the best business decision I have ever made."Don B., Pennsylvania

"More please! Assignment 2 was great. It's starting to take form. Looking forward to receiving Assignment 3!J.M., California

"I'm starting to understand how powerful these assignments are. It's one thing to understand the concept, but these lessons actually force you to act. Loving it!"J.M., New York

(The following letter is included in its entirety because the writer speaks for almost everyone who has ever ordered a money making idea. One of the most important tasks we have here at LazyWealth™ is helping you avoid these traps. Thanks to Jeffrey for taking the time to write. And we hope to hear from you as well.)

"Thank you, Larry. I must say you impressed me with your 'live' response to my confusion … :) Just a short story for your brain records. I submitted my email for information on a program. I received an email but not from the originator of the plan. Everyone is a skeptic, so of course I asked how much he/she had made on the program. The person replied with a couple of amounts and stated at the end "Reply with your info otherwise don't waste my time". I was very disappointed in a response like that. Deep down I realized the 'plan' they had in place was not for me because if you truly want to help people and truly have the mind set of a wealthy person you shouldn't treat people that way. Just thought you might like that tidbit."Jeffrey

"Hooray! It worked! This is lots of fun!"Alan F., Alaska

"Just got back from vacation (hope you got my postcard). Had a great time. (I even rode a 3-ton elephant!) Stopped over at your site today to see what was new. Great going. Glad to see you worked in the 'mind of the entrepreneur' and the other great material. Hard to believe, but your site is even stronger than it was before. Congratulations. As always, thanks for some more inspiring words. I've never been more excited with a new venture."Don, World Traveler

"Hello, Mr. Lazy. Thanks for the book. I am already done reading it and, let me tell you, I am excited! I am on the right path now!" Kizzie, Nebraska

"My stepfather ordered your program a few weeks ago. I am always interested to see what new 'get-rich-quick' schemes are out, usually just to find all of the faults with the program, always wondering why people think it's possible to make money with no work. I was pleasantly surprised. The information got me fired up. I'm only 22 years old and consider myself a bright guy. I'm absolutely not afraid of working but when I put my efforts into something I want to be sure it's not in vain. That's exactly why your program has held my attention for the past few days. The information is wonderful and the business plan makes sense. Not only that but it teaches solid principles that can be used in other areas of business. While reading through the program, I tried desperately to find weaknesses. The great part of your plan is that the startup money involved is going to depend on how far we want to take the business. If you want to start small, you can. If you want to begin with a larger investment, great. I was hard-pressed to find any faults. What you say makes sense."Kyle, Florida

"I have read your guide. At first I was shocked by the content, but after reading it through I realized you are on to something. I am ready for my first assignment and eager to get started."Ginny, Alabama

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